Backpacking Pin

The backpacking program feature is a great way for your Varsity team to get out into nature and enjoy all that it has to offer.  In preparation for your high adventure, smaller backpacking trips can be taken to help prepare the team.  The backpacking pin is great for those summer months.


Personal Development

  • Practice hiking with a pack on various small hikes, walks, and over nighters.
  • Have an expert come and talk to the team about different techniques and as a show and tell.
  • Arrange for worship services during the team’s trek.
  • Invite a representative to discuss careers in land management agencies.
  • Create a physical fitness relay course involving stair stepping, walking and carrying a load or jump roping.
  • Have a backpack packing contest for best fit, least weight, and most useful given a certain set of requirement.



  • Go on a small backpacking trip cleaning up garbage along the path.
  • Hold a backpack drive where people can donate unused backpacks.
  • Conduct an environmental awareness program for the members of the team’s families.




Special Programs

  • Visit a meeting of a local environmental club.
  • Visit an agency responsible for a wilderness area.
  • Have an expert do a session on “no trace” camping.


High Adventure

  • Go on a multiple overnight backpacking trip.


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