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Learning about careers and education doesn’t have to be boring.  Spice it up a bit and get the team excited about what lies ahead of them in later years and help them to search for promising job opportunities.  This is a great program feature to do as a ramp up to back to school.  Let us know if you have any other great ideas for a career pin.


Personal Development

  • Talk about goals and goal setting – set some short term goals and finish them during the pin.
  • Hold mock interviews and talk about interview techniques and resumes.



  • Contact a local business and see if you can come help out is some way and talk about running your own business.




Special Programs

  • Visit a local college or university.
  • Research possible careers and what level of education and skill are needed at the library.  Meet back up and share with your team.


High Adventure

  • Visit a couple businesses of career interest for the boys.



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