Discover America Pin

Boys love to eat so why not be able to cook your own food and earn the cooking pin?  Explore new kinds of foods and different ways to prepare it with new recipes for when you’re at home and simple things to cook or eat when you’re on the trail.  The cooking pin has a lot of activities that will be sure to get the whole team involved.


Personal Development

  • Have an expert come and talk to the team about different techniques and as a show and tell.
  • Learn about food preservation.
  • Learn Dutch oven cooking.



  • Organize a neighborhood cook book and sell it at material cost.
  • Cook a meal for someone who is sick or in need.
  • Serve at a food kitchen.
  • Weed gardens.
  • Hold a food drive.




Special Programs

  • Watch a cooking show.
  • Have a bar-b-que cook off.


High Adventure

  • Hold a restaurant night where a meal is cooked for families (charge for food cost).


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