Cycling Pin

Cycling can be a great way to get exercise and see the beautiful landscape that is around you.  The cycling pin can be as simple or complicated as your Varsity team wants.  Be sure to read through these ideas and share your own on activities that you have done for the cycling program feature.


Personal Development

  • Visit a local bike shop and learn how to tune up your bike.
  • Have an expert come and talk to the team about different techniques and as a show and tell.
  • Visit a law enforcement facility and talk about bicycle safety on the road.



  • Organize a bike safety check for cub scouts.
  • Collect unused, donated, or broken bikes and fix them up.  Donate them to kids that don’t have any.
  • Look into the detail for the “Adopt a Highway” and take care of a certain stretch of highway.




Special Programs

  • Attend a local bike race.
  • Watch an X-games competition.


High Adventure

  • Completed a 50 mile bike ride ending in a camp.
  • Go on a multiple night “cross town” cycling trip through some scenic areas.


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