The Denali award is the highest award a varsity scout can earn while in the varsity program.  Comparable to the Boy Scout Eagle award, the Denali is earned through more advanced leadership and participation while in his team.  Below are the requirements to earn the Denali and are also available on this scorecard.

  • Be the primary leader on a minimum of 2 activities (in different fields of emphasis).
  • Actively participate in 3 other activities (in the three remaining fields of emphasis).
  • You must be registered as a Varsity Boy Scout.
  • Advance one rank either toward your Eagle or one rank post Eagle (palms) while in the Varsity program.
  • Earn your Varsity Scout letter.
  • Be in a leadership role in your team for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Live by and recite the Varsity Scout Pledge to your team captain.
  • Pass a board of review with appropriate leaders present.

Packed with symbolism, varsity scouts can learn what it means to earn your Denali.  Named after the majestic Mount McKinley in Alaska, this award and what it takes to achieve this award can be just as majestic as this American Indian icon.

A specific court of honor can be held to award those earning the Denali or you can include a portion of your normal court of honor for the Denali presentation.  Either one has it’s benefits as you conduct a more tailored meeting for just the boys earning the Denali or include it for all boy scouts to see and aspire towards.

The Denali award is not a very common medallion to receive but once you do, you’re sure to turn heads as they ask more about it and what you had to do to earn it.  The Varsity program give those in the Varsity team more structure and more responsible goals to achieve and work through as they progress through life.  A step up from Boy Scouts while still upholding their values.

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