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Personal Development

  •  Get the Amateur Radio license and become your team communicator for the event.
  • Conduct a forum on why being “on target” in your everyday life is important.
  • Plan a fitness program geared to the physical demands needed to reach the “peak” for Operation On-Target.


  • Assist a new team in building its signal mirrors.
  • Plan a service project that can be carried out during the Operation On-Target program feature.


Special Programs

  • Hold an open house for new members. Discuss with them the team’s On-Target plans and invite them to join the team.
  • Conduct a family night program to share photos, slides, or videos made during the team’s On-Target participation .

High Adventure

  •  Operation On Target
  • Program manager outlines or updates the team’s annual high-adventure event (Philmont, Florida Sea Base, etc .).
  • Monitor the team’s progress in carrying out the Operation On-Target program feature.

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