Shooting Sports Pin

There is just something about shooting things that gets a certain type of excitement in the air.  The shooting sports program feature has a lot of possibilities.  Earn the shooting sports pin by learning and practicing how to shoot guns, bows, catapults or even blow darts.


Personal Development

  • Visit a gun museum
  • Tour a gun shop and learn about different kinds of guns, ammunition and gear.
  • Have an expert come and talk to the team about different techniques and as a show and tell.
  • Complete a hunter’s safety course.
  • Research and build a catapult or trebuchet.
  • Learn how to spin and tie your own blow darts.
  • Learn about bows and arrows and go to a shooting range.
  • Build marshmallow guns and create a target course.
  • Learn how to reload bullets.
  • Have a law enforcement office come and talk about gun ownership laws in your area.



  • Offer to clean up a local shooting range.
  • Talk to a law enforcement office and offer to perform a service project.




Special Programs

  • Play multi-player shooting video games where targets are used or animal hunting games.
  • Have a water balloon launching contest.


High Adventure

  • Go to a local shooting range and skeet shoot.
  • Take your catapult/ trebuchet and launch it using pumpkins, water balloons or tennis balls.


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