Soccer Pin

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.  Go into depth with the soccer program feature.  Let your Varsity team perfect its skills with the soccer pin.  Feel free to let us know what  you did for the soccer program feature.


Personal Development

  • Set up a physical fitness relay course to help with athletic skills needed to play soccer.
  • Learn all the rules of the game.
  • Have an expert come and talk to the team about different techniques and as a show and tell.
  • Learn about careers related to sports (therapy, sports medicine, etc.).



  • Help clean up after a youth soccer game.
  • Hold a soccer skills clinic for the cub scouts.



Special Programs

  • Watch a soccer game on TV or a soccer related film.
  • Design your own soccer jerseys and wear them for your high adventure.
  • Tour a soccer stadium.


High Adventure

  •  Attend an organized soccer game.
  • Play a soccer game with another Varsity team either indoors or outdoors.

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