Survival Pin

The survival program feature can cover a lot of different aspects and areas depending on where you live.  Teach all the basic survival skills that are needed for your Varsity team with the survival pin.



Personal Development

  • Study wilderness first aid.
  • Learn simple recipes to be used at home to help ration food.
  • Learn about car survival (winter situations, emergency kits, etc.)



  • Conduct preparedness audits of first aid kits or food storage.
  • Collect 2-liter bottles from neighbors to clean and refill with water.  Give water storage to someone in need.
  • Serve at a home storage center or do the work and donate to someone in need.




Special Programs

  • Watch Man vs. Wild.
  • Create primitive snares.
  • Primitive fire starters.


High Adventure

  • Camp using emergency shelters and minimal gear and cook foods that you would find in the wild.


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