If you have your sights set on earning your Denali award, receiving your Varsity Scout Letter will come almost by default (see below).  This award is only received once and can be placed on the bottom front of your Boy Scout sash or on the official Varsity Scout jacket.  You can, however, receive recognition for each additional Varsity Scout Letter you would have earned in the form of a Varsity Bar that is placed on your Letter.  All subsequently earn program pins can then be pined to the inside of the Letter patch.

The requirements for you to receive your Varsity Scout Letter include the following (you can also download the Varsity Letter Scorecard as a good way for you to track your progress):

  • Participate in a high adventure program feature and have your Coach sign off that you were there.
  • Have your Team Captain sign off that you completed the requirements set for the high adventure.
  • Have an attendance record at your team meetings of 75% for three consecutive months.
  • Have your Coach sign off that you know and live by the Scout Oath and Law.


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