Discover America Pin

Video has come a long way and has become part of almost everyone’s life whether it be for home videos, work or just for fun on YouTube.  But when it comes down to the professionals it becomes a whole lot more complicated.  This pin can involve those that like to act and be in films and those that want to be behind the scenes doing all the editing and filmography.


Personal Development

  • Tour a TV news station set.
  • Create a story board and plan for high adventure film.
  • Learn about software used to create films, special effects, DVD authoring, etc.



  • Collect unwanted children’s videos and donate them to a hospital.




Special Programs

  • Attend a local theatrical play.
  • Watch “the making of” or “behind the scenes” of a video.


High Adventure

  • Put together a short film.
  • Attend a filming of a local sitcom, video or TV show.


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